Let Nature Do The Healing!

Are you seeking for a different approach to restoring and maintaining your health and overall well-being? One that allows you to reconnect to your body and strengthen your foundations of health to reach your optimal self? Contact Dr. Reap and we can discuss how naturopathic medicine can help revitalize your body’s natural rhythms of restoring itself to wholeness and balance!


Dr. Reap is a licensed Naturopathic physician who practices primary naturopathic care for all ages. In the state of Montana, she is able to diagnose, prescribe medications, utilize laboratory testing, and treat dis-eases. She also works in collaboration with other healthcare practitioners when appropriate. However, it is her intention to move away from the concept of “treating the dis-ease” and move towards living a healthy balanced lifestyle. Overall wellness is created when there is balance in the foundations of health and ways to support the body’s inherent healing ability. Good nutrition, movement/exercise, sleep quality, mental health, and relationships with others and ourselves have an impact on our health. What we give our bodies determines how our health will be. An individualized wellness plan is tailored to each individual, and adjusted if necessary. To see the best results with Naturopathic care, it is important that the individual recognizes and embraces self-responsibility of their wellness, and be willing to make changes to their lifestyle.

Dr. Reap provides the following services:

  • Primary Naturopathic Healthcare
  • Specialty Laboratory Testing including food sensitivities, digestive health profiles, extensive hormone panels, and environmental toxin panels.
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Craniosacral

What to Expect:

Initial Visit: During the initial office visit, Dr. Reap focuses on understanding the individual in a holistic manner by collecting information on family history, personal medical history, current health concerns/complaints, environmental exposures, and a comprehensive review of bodily systems. She discusses the foundations of health: nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep, relationships with one’s self and others, emotions and thought patterns, and spiritual/religious beliefs and practices. By working in partnership and the individual taking an active role, their health will be able to move towards a harmonized relationship with Nature.

Visit TypeVisit Duration
Initial Office Visit60 -90 minutes
Follow-up Office Visit30 – 45 minutes
Acute Office Visit 15 – 30 minutes


Payment: Full payment is due at time of service. Cash, check, debt/credit cards and health saving account are acceptable forms of payment. If using card, there will be fee due to card processing. Returned checks are subject to a $35 non-sufficient funds charged from Meadowlark Natural Medicine. Fees of services and products are subject to change. No refunds are offered for services rendered.  

Insurance: Meadowlark Natural Medicine accepts several health insurance. However, not all insurance plans cover naturopathic care. It is your responsibility to confirm insurance eligibility. Refer to the back of your insurance card. If necessary, ask for assistance in determining your benefits. It is not a guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse all services provided at Meadowlark Natural Medicine; therefore, it is your responsible for payment.

Accepting health insurance with:

  • Mountain Health CO-OP
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Allegiance
  • Cigna
  • Pacific Source
  • First Choice Health / Aetna

If you are un-insured, Meadowlark Natural Medicine offers affordable prices to receive naturopathic care. Dr. Reap believes that all should be able to benefit from her services regardless of their financial status.

Dispensary: During your visit, Dr. Reap may prescribe products to be purchased in-office, online, or elsewhere. Most insurance companies do not cover the dispensary items prescribed, though they can be applied to a Health Savings Account.

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