Covid-19 and Butte, Mt

The Covid19 pandemic has changed the world and the way we are all living our lives. We have had to quickly adjust and face the challenges. Your safety, physical health, and mental health are our utmost concerns at Meadowlark Natural Medicine.

Precautions at the Clinic

  • Individuals will be asked about symptoms before each office visit
  • If one needs a caregiver or companion at visit, ask in advance if this can be allowed
  • One may have the option of waiting in their car and get a call when doctor is ready for them besides sitting in waiting room
  • Following guidelines, doctor will be wearing a face mask and encourages individuals as well but respects their decision
  • Before and after each visit, doctor will clean room and wash hands.
  • Option of Telehealth services

What you can do at home!

  • Properly wash hands frequently with warm water and soap
  • Wear a face mask covering mouth and nose when in public surroundings
  • Most Important – Maintain Health!
    • Stay hydrated
    • Eat clean whole foods. Choose an anti-inflammatory food intake.
    • Avoid junk foods, especially sugary products.
    • Get good quality sleep
    • Add movement/exercise and be sure to sweat
    • Keep a positive attitude

If you are experiencing symptoms or wondering how you can eliminate/reduce risk, please reach out to Dr. Reap or another healthcare practitioner.

Kindness should become the natural way of life, not the exception.

Gautama Buddha
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