Infrared Sauna Therapy & Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are a group of naturally occurring high density elements. They are released in the environment by various processes such as mining, smelting, synthetic compound products (batteries, paint, pigments used in jewelry and toys), and vehicle emissions. With the recent expansion in industrial production, there has been an increased release into the air, water, and soil. The dissolved forms of heavy metals can easily enter the food chain and led to high concentrations in the human population. Depending on an individual’s geographic location, there can be an acute or chronic exposure.

Heavy metals are toxic and carcinogenic even at low concentrations.

Previous research has shown that heavy metals induce numerous diseases and cancers. A well-known mechanism is by reactive oxygen species that causes oxidative stress to the body’s cells. Arsenic (as), cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr), and nickel (Ni) are well-known carcinogens reported by the International Agency of Research on Cancer. When our bodies cannot eliminate these elements properly, there is an increased risk of cancer. Cancer develops with disruption of the tumor suppressor gene expression, damage to cell repair processes, and compromised energy pathways. Studies have shown that workers in heavy metal industrial areas had an increased risk of occupational dis-ease and cancer.

Sweating through infrared sauna therapy is beneficial at eliminating heavy metals.

Healthy nutrition, supplementation, and chelation therapy are well-known ways to minimize the exposure and eliminate heavy metals through the urine and stool. However, sweating has been forgotten as a way of elimination. Traditionally, sweating was viewed as “cleansing” the body. One systemic review article found that elimination of arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury equaled or exceeded urinary elimination in a 24-hour period. This is of interest because the functioning of a person’s gut and kidneys can limit the elimination process.

Sweating through movement/exercise is not as effective.

Sweating with infrared sauna therapy is simply applying heat to the body and leads to the “rest-and-digest” state. It gently and easily eliminates heavy metals. Exercising activates the “fight-or-flight” state, thus making elimination more limited. If an individual sweats through sauna therapy daily for several months, toxics can be significantly reduced. With a reduction, there can be a decreased risk of developing dis-eases and cancers.

Infrared sauna therapy is safe and cheap.

All ages of people can tolerate sauna therapy. It is advised that children, elderly, and people with compromised health have a discussion with their physician before initiating. Infrared saunas are available at some local fitness facilities or can be bought for personal use. If thinking of buying, saunas can be non-portable or portable. A portable sauna works the same way as a non-portable sauna, but allows a person to take it anywhere, more compact, and much less expensive.

“Early sweats make up later pleasures” ~Israelmore Ayivor


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